The following individuals have completed and passed the Part A Installer Exam
DISCLAIMER: This document in no way provides an endorsement of the individuals found on this list.  The list identifies the individuals who have met the minimum requirements of a passing score of 75% on the Part A Installer Exam.
Click HERE to download the Spreadsheet of Installers.
Last Name First Name Company Name Business Location Phone Email Testing Agency Date Tested
Dickinson Steve 2D Enterprises Fort Lupton, CO 303.638.2772 Broomfield 7/17/2019
Fink Duane 3D Custom Homes Buena Vista, CO 719-332-4642 Chaffee 3/19/2019
Tinoco Omar 5280 Enterprises Bennett, CO 720-982-2029 Tri-Co. 10/4/2019
Gardner Cody A Perfect Flush Fort Lupton, CO 303.731.7825 Broomfield 7/24/2019
Bush Greg A+Handyman, Inc Gypsum, CO 970-471-2395 Eagle 4/4/2019
Terranova Titus AAARK Heating & A/C Inc Denver, CO 303-431-8015 Tri-Co. 1/23/2019
Michels Justin Able Excavation Montrose/CO 970-596-9687 Gunnison 8/13/2019
Owens Jeffery Absaroka Construction Buena Vista CO 81211 530-919-5077 Chaffee 10/14/2019
Fitzgerald Jake AC Sewer Service Kersey, CO 303-776-0062 Weld 5/6/2019
Steffek Steve ACME Septic, Inc. Boulder, CO 303.459.1106 Gilpin 1/28/2019
Hundert Danny Ajax Sleepaway Meredith, CO 970-718-6008 Eagle 3/15/2019
Becker Derek All Dirt & Septic Colorado Springs 719-582-0263 Teller 10/31/2019
Dunsdon Travor Altitude Septic Eagle, CO 970-471-6292 Eagle 1/16/2019
O'neill Josh Anew Septic LLC Salida, CO 719-539-6104 Chaffee 5/2/2019
Graner Bruce Antero Septic Buena Vista Co 719-207-0651 Chaffee 7/3/2019
Nemeth Peter AP Contracting LLC Strasburg, CO 720-935-1428 Tri-Co. 2/22/2019
Nemeth Gabor AP Contracting LLC Strasburg, CO 720-933-6773 Tri-Co. 2/22/2019
Cheney Dustin Avalanche Excavation Silt, CO 970-876-2619 Eagle 8/13/2019
Church Travis Backhoe Services Bennett Inc Bennett, CO 303-644-4130 Tri-Co. 1/31/2019
Barr Don Barr Construction Basalt, CO 720-329-1100 Eagle 5/22/2019
Campbell Rock BC Plumbing & Heating Salida, CO 719-207-1346 Chaffee 4/5/2019
Beaumont Jeff Beaumont Excavatin Gypsum, CO 970-390-9393 Eagle 2/4/2019
Erger Daniel Benex Excavating Brighton, CO 303-345-3975 Tri-Co. 4/2/2019
Kaia Micah (Mana) Big Dog Excavation Kersey, CO 970-576-9961 Larimer 2/7/2019
Smith James Big Jim's Dirtworks Red Feather Lakes, CO 316-347-6775 Larimer 10/31/2019
Van Anne John Blade Runners LLC Littleton, CO 303-683-0350 Tri-Co. 6/26/2019
Gonzales Jose Blue Monster Septic Service Gypsum 970-620-1631 Eagle 8/8/2019
Ford Robert Bob's Excavating & Home repair McCoy, CO 970-653-4281 Eagle 3/20/2019
Beierle Brad Brad Beierle Platteville, CO 970-539-8372 Weld 6/17/2019
Brock Vern Brock Civil, LLC. Eagle. CO. 970-471-2125 Eagle 4/11/2019
Bronn David Bronn Excavating, Inc. Eagle, CO 970-977-0261 Eagle 5/6/2019
Jaber Richard Budget 8 Septic Service Pueblo, CO 719-565-8470 Pueblo 4/17/2019
Howlett Mike Bugling  Bull Excavating Buena Vista, CO 719-207-1205 Chaffee 1/30/2019
Woods Bert BW Excavating Pueblo, LLC Pueblo, CO 719-406-5172 Pueblo 7/18/2019
Kinder James CAK Excavating LLC Lake George, CO 217-871-3460 Teller 2/12/2019
Davis Ken Cal's Trucking & Exavating Hartsel, CO 719-395-7620 Park 3/18/2019
Taylor Cody CAT Construction Co Divide, CO 585-880-2939 n/a Teller 6/6/2019
Cavanaugh Tim Cavanaugh Exc. And Trucking Golden, CO 303-588-1080 Gilpin 1/31/2019
Davis Mike CD Enterprises Ltd Masonville, CO 970-302-4426 Larimer 6/19/2019
Cichos Conrad Cichos Construction Watkins, CO 303-324-2807 Tri-Co. 3/22/2019
Saylor Tim Cinch Construction Inc Bennett, CO 303-358-1884 Elbert 7/10/2019
Tigchelaar Joshua Classic Home Services LLC Arvada, CO 720-434-8576 Tri-Co. 3/29/2019
Rinker Clint Clint Rinker Bennett, CO 720-989-9475 Tri-Co. 5/8/2019
Peterson Michael Colorado Civil Construction Inc Peyton, CO 303-817-0130 Elbert 10/17/2019
Deluca Frank Colorado Excavation LLC Salida, Co 719-221-0814 Chaffee 5/28/2019
Dillion Donal Colorado Mountain Builders Hollywood FL 303-325-3637 Gilpin 5/22/2019
Rutter Michael Colorado Plumbing Contractors LLC Hudson, CO 303-655-0312 Tri-Co. 5/22/2019
Broadwell Bob Colorado Septic Nederland, CO 720.514.9703 Gilpin 1/31/2019
Ramos Dean Colorado Septic Solutions, LLC Longmont, CO 720-346-2510 Chaffee 1/25/2019
Cervantes Jorge Colt Services LLC Thornton, CO 303-993-9617 Tri-Co. 5/2/2019
Kulp Jason Columbia Sanitary Service Golden, CO 303-526-5370 Gilpin 1/29/2019
Morgan Matthew Commonwealth Services LLC Boulder, CO 303.243.2298 Gilpin 2/22/2019
Corbin Ray Corbin Construction Leadville, CO 719-486-2673  Lake 7/25/2019
Diesing Chad D & S Excavation, LLC Mead, CO 303-588-0496 Larimer 5/9/2019
Anton Dale Dale Anton Poncha Springs, CO 303-916-2999 Chaffee 8/19/2019
Bamford Joseph Daly Excavation Carbondale, CO 970-963-3987 Eagle 3/12/2019
Wylie Daniel Daniel Wylie Construction Salida, Co 719-530-1247 Chaffee 7/8/2019
Harman David Dave's Enterprises INC Buena Vista, CO 970-409-9109 Chaffee 1/24/2019
Dulaigh David David Dulaigh Salida, CO 303-807-8055 Chaffee 4/26/2019
Haas Rob David R Haas Elizabeth, CO 720-808-4678 Tri-Co. 8/22/2019
Defina Gary Defina Construction, Inc Eagle, CO 970-376-6702 Eagle 4/24/2019
Mazza Rocky Diesslin Structures, Inc. Salida, CO 719-539-0855 Chaffee 4/11/2019
Windorski Dan Digger Dans LLC Leadville, CO 719-427-0752 Lake 5/20/2019
Peek Kevin Dirt Brothers Excavating Franktown, CO 720-645-4935 Elbert 4/29/2019
Van Loan Bret Dirt Dawg Excavating Breckenridge, CO 970-418-0113 Chaffee 10/16/2018
Spino Brado Dirtworks Inc Salida CO 719-530-8696 Chaffee 4/2/2019
Dixon Truman Dixon Excavating LLC Colorado Springs 719-238-6656 Elbert 12/5/2019
Bryant Frances Dixon Excavating LLC Colorado Springs 719-238-6656 Elbert 12/5/2019
Seamus Brady Doone Brothers Sewer and Septic Services Arvada, CO 303-885-8981 Tri-Co. 1/3/2019
Murillo Edgard E & L Trucking Silt, CO 970-309-3057 Eagle 1/28/2019
Smith Scott Eagle Dirt Work LLC Golden, CO 303.642.0154 Gilpin 1/18/2019
Clay Jr. Bobby Earth Surgeon Excavating Black Hawk, CO 406-321-1757 Gilpin 5/29/2019
Eggleston Devin Eggleston Construction Buena Vista, CO 719-207-2242 Chaffee 5/1/2019
Tidwell Jerry Evergreen Septic Pumping Company Evergreen, CO 303-674-7144 Gilpin 2/4/2019
Rutherford Jason Excavation Services, Inc. Carbondale 917-753-0940 Eagle 5/7/2019
McCollom John EZ Disposal Service, Inc. Black Hawk, CO 720-320-7113 Gilpin 8/5/2019
Fahl Jared Fahlbros Septic Installation & Services LLC Loveland, CO 720-240-7990 Tri-County 10/22/2019
Juarez Victor Foothills Septic Pumping Golden, CO 303.670.3160 Gilpin 2/1/2019
Foster Justin Foster Dirt and Construction Bellvue, CO 970-567-3361 Gilpin 1/31/2019
Fox Nigel Fox Excavation Florissant, CO 719-728-0171 Tri-Co. 8/16/2019
Mullett Matthew FRS Enterprises, LLC Windsor, CO 970-556-3826 Larimer 4/17/2019
Aldana Maria Christina GCSA LLC Waktins, CO 720-626-7236 Tri-Co. 5/15/2019
Gilson PJ Gilson Construction Salida CO 719-207-0188 Chaffee 4/30/2019
Hsu Jr. Danny Gilson Construction Salida CO 719-207-0782 Chaffee 4/30/2019
Steiner Greg GPS Excavating & Septic Nathrop, CO 719-239-0469 Chaffee 4/22/2019
Granzella Rocky Granesta LLV Salida, Co 719-221-2366 Chaffee 3/25/2019
Grapes Bob Grapes and Sons Exc., LLC Black Hawk, CO 303-582-1131 Gilpin 1/25/2019
Greene Jason Greene Enterprises Arvada, CO 303-591-8500 Larimer 8/19/2019
Holland Shane H&S Pine, CO 303.549.5453 Gilpin 1/18/2019
Norris H. Charles H. Charles Norris Thorton, CO 303-909-3680 Chaffee 1/14/2019
Hachmann Abe Hachmann's Custom Building Buena Vista CO 719-395-2024 Chaffee 8/14/2019
Hagist Tim Hagist Excavation Basalt, CO 970-379-9726 Eagle 4/9/2019
Hardt Chris Hardt's Backhoe Rollinsville, CO 303.589.9354 Gilpin 1/18/2019
Rovnak Kyle Haystack Custom Ag. & Septic Service, LLC Longmont, CO 303-827-4988 Weld 1/3/2019
Hazelton Jeffrey Hazelton Excavating Inc Colorado Springs, CO 719-237-3677 Tri-Co. 3/25/2019
Hecker Gary Hecker Construction Salida, Co 719-239-3032 Chaffee 7/8/2019
Farmer Jesse High Altitude Backhoe Services Ward, CO 303.459.0478 Gilpin 1/29/2019
VanHouten Jamie High Mountain Enterprise Hartsel, CO 719-344-1602 Park 5/21/2019
Seavers Jesse High Performance Homes Nederland, CO 720.514.9817 Gilpin 1/29/2019
Hansen Ryan High Performance Land and Home Nederland, CO 575-313-4756 Park 5/29/2019
Johnston Michael Highmark Builders, LLC Kremmling, CO. 970-390-2490 Eagle 7/8/2019
Holguin Ismeal Holdguin Construction Inc Commerce City, CO 303-591-9239 Tri-Co. 1/25/2019
Zigurs Vilis Horizon Construction El Jebel, CO 970-948-5592 Eagle 8/2/2019
Houser Danny Houser's Trucking & Excavating Buena Vista CO 719-3955771 Chaffee 6/7/2019
Hren Frank L Hrens Complete Service & Repair Buena Vista, CO 970-389-6835 Lake 5/15/2019
Quintana Albert Icon, Inc. Gypsum, CO 970-977-0561 Eagle 5/20/2019
Fling Gene Iron Horse Contracting LLC Brighton, CO 858-699-8323 Weld 4/4/2019
Hamilton Erik ITS, Inc. Arvada, CO 303.618.6566 Gilpin 1/18/2019
Macias Jauier J & M Excavations Greeley, CO 970-381-7318 Weld 9/25/2019
Baskins John JA Baskins Constructions, INC. Edwards, CO. 970-390-5003 vailkids! Eagle 7/11/2019
Dunn Brandon JB Dunn Excavation LLC Coaldale, CO 719-431-9441 Chaffee 4/22/2019
Dodson Ben JC Fremont Construction Inc Fairplay, CO 970-418-0652 Park 6/13/2019
Clyncke Joe JC Services LTD LaSalle, CO 970-381-4606 Weld 2/22/2019
Dale Warren Jewels of Fairplay, Inc Fairplay, CO 719-836-3291 Park 5/20/2019
Schanafelt Brian Jim Musso Excavating Pueblo, CO 719-766-3008 Pueblo 7/3/2019
Dykes Coby JJJ Services Salida, CO 719-207-1254 Chaffee 10/17/2018
Koch Ron K & S Buena Vista, CO 719-581-0183 Lake 7/18/2019
Kendall Richard Kendall Excavation Paonia, CO 970-201-4437 Gunnison 9/19/2019
Kendall Dick Kendall Excavation Paonia, CO 970-201-4102 Gunnison 9/19/2019
Korinek John Korinek Konstruction Ramah, CO 303-817-1607 Otero 1/28/2019
Sanders Ken KPS3 Excavation Evergreen, CO 720-380-3962 Park 3/1/2019
Tunstall Stephanie KT Sales and Excavating Howard, CO 719-942-4607 Park 6/12/2019
Kutscher Brady Kutscher's Excavating LLC Black Hawk, CO 303.589.9378 Gilpin 7/8/2019
Martin Larry Larry Martin Construction Glenwood Springs, CO 970-379-7188 Eagle 4/11/2019
Sterling Larry Larry Sterling Excavating, Inc. Black Hawk, CO 303.582.5794 Gilpin 1/18/2019
Lancaster Mark Lion Home Service Fort Collins, CO 970-556-0544 Weld 1/4/2019
Cowley Robert Liscott Custom Homes Castle Rock, CO 303-688-1724 Elbert 4/17/2019
Smith Allan Little River Concrete Inc Salida, CO 719-539-6082 Chaffee 6/6/2019
Greenwald Roger Lone Eagle Home Improvement & Repairs Jefferson, CO 720-836-4919 Park 6/4/2019
Lujan Jr. Saul Lujan Design and Construction Brighton, CO 720-935-7061 Tri-Co. 1/31/2019
Conner Scott Lyons Excavating Inc. Lyons, CO 303-579-9720 Larimer 4/12/2019
Bennett Sheldon M & S Plowing LLC Woodland Park, CO 719-351-9325 Teller 4/22/2019
Lawlis Mark M D Lawlis General Contractors Breckenridge CO 970-390-4928 Chaffee 6/6/2019
Nachtrieb Chris M&N Excavating LLC Salida, CO 719-530-1067 Chaffee 1/8/2019
Maez Orrin Maez Excavation, Inc. Buena Vista, CO 719-207-0636 Chaffee 2/8/2019
Cordova William Marv's Consruction Buena Vista, CO 719-221-0223 Chaffee 1/4/2019
Hutcheson Scott Maverick Excavating, LLC Hartsel, CO 719-207-6809 Chaffee 2/8/2019
Meyers Jeramy Meyers Services Black Hawk, CO 720-431-8730 Gilpin 2/27/2019
Roth Miles Miles Roth Lafayette, CO 970-227-9354 Chaffee 1/25/2019
Molleur Scott Molleur Construction Leadville, CO 719-486-5565 Lake 5/21/2019
Morgan David Morgan Excavating Buena Vista, CO 719-207-1267 Chaffee 12/28/2018
Tarpill Matt Mountain Contracting Nederland, CO 303.888.3580 Tri-Co. 1/23/2019
McNeese David Jacob Mountain Tree Spraying Woodland Park, CO 719-464-5614 Teller 10/28/2019
Freymuth Florian n/a Boulder, CO 720.480.2175 n/a Gilpin 1/2/2019
Guy Marty n/a Montrose, CO 970-417-2508 Gunnison 7/31/2018
Hawley Chris n/a Woodland Park, CO n/a n/a Teller 6/28/2019
Hopwood Randy n/a Byers, CO 303-888-5030 Tri-Co. 2/20/2019
Nelson Rodney (Rod) n/a Aurora, CO 720-331-0579 Tri-Co. 7/31/2019
Nielsen Bradley n/a Bennett, CO 720-219-1197 Tri-Co. 7/17/2019
Parker William n/a Gunnison, CO 970-641-8758 Gunnison 2/15/2019
Pranger Kevin n/a Elbert, CO 303-243-0913 Tri-Co. 10/7/2019
Replogle Eric n/a Gunnison, CO 970-209-1864 Gunnison 2/13/2019
Schadegg Richard n/a Aurora, CO 303-325-6463 Tri-Co. 2/11/2019
Sosa Ruby n/a Aurora, CO 720-266-9560 Tri-Co. 6/26/2019
Nestor Edward Nestor Excavating, Inc Fort Morgan, CO 970-371-1141 Larimer 5/14/2019
Larsen Mark Nexus Business Services Englewood, CO 303-961-4100  Tri-County 9/23/2019
Kapala Scott Noco Septic Inc Mead, CO 720-899-8749 Tri-Co. 3/19/2019
Sutton Russell Northern Colorado Industries LLC Wellington, CO 970-310-6739 Weld 3/28/2019
McNeese Daniel Nortz Excavation, LLC Florissant, CO 719-748-8337 Teller 11/13/2019
Owens Richard Owens Construction Co Canon City, CO 719-269-2472 Chaffee 10/31/2019
Clifford Paul Paul A Clifford Colorado Springs, CO 719-421-9337 Teller 5/10/2019
Siemon Hawkins Peak Exavation Marble, CO 970-331-2436 Gunnison 5/8/2019
Stone Michael Peak Septic Systems Elbert, CO 720-483-4779 Tri-Co. 4/19/2019
Soluri Steven Plumbing Systems Inc Edwards, CO 970-926-0500 Eagle 1/14/2019
Skoglund Travis Preferred Digging Services, LLC Eaton, CO 970-381-5913 Larimer 5/23/2019
Miller Dustin Premier Landworks, Inc. Aspen, CO 970-923-0300 Eagle 4/10/2019
Evans Ken Premium Earthworks and Infrastructure Englewood, CO 970-531-8719 Tri-Co. 10/25/2019
Trask Gordon Quality Backhoe & Excavation Salida, CO 719-207-3310 Chaffee 4/8/2019
Chavez Ricardo R & S Home Maintennce Services Denver, CO 720-999-4471 Tri-County 5/29/2019
Herrera Rodrigo R G Excavating Corp Thornton, CO 720-429-9035 Tri-Co. 3/29/2019
Gillespie Josh R&R Construction Coaldale, CO 719-942-3694 Chaffee 4/11/2019
Barlow Fred Red Feather Excavating Red Feather Lakes, CO 970-617-0942 Larimer 9/23/2019
Clark Paul Redi Services LLC Platteville, CO 307-760-5948 Weld 3/7/2019
Cole Tyler Rethink Enerprise, LLC Colorado Springs, CO 719-661-9162 Teller 8/7/2019
Rhoades Morgan Rhoades Construction Pueblo West,CO 719-207-0825 Chaffee 3/28/2019
Ramsetter Richard Richard M. Ramstetter Excavating Golden, CO 303.277.0286 Gilpin 1/18/2019
Macarenas Richard Richard Macarenas Buena Vista, CO 719-293-1750 Chaffee 2/4/2019
Newmiller Brandon Rockit Solutions Castle Rock, CO 303-808-0227 Tri-Co. 4/25/2019
Quintana Robbie RQX Inc. Leadville, CO 970-406-8560 Lake 5/2/2019
Winfrey Steven R. S & S Enterprises Loveland, CO 970-342-3041 Weld 2/5/2019
Johnson Breck Sacred Ground Excavation New Castle, CO 970-618-2489 Eagle 1/22/2019
Sayler Brayden Sayler & Sons Excavating Pine, CO 303-816-0228 Tri-Co. 3/25/2019
Hansen Tyler SCE Construction Buena Vista CO 719-207-0915 Chaffee 6/21/2019
Scott David Scott Septic Services Kiowa, CO 303-621-7764 Elbert 6/6/2019
Search Scott Search Septic Bailey, CO 303.838.5115 Gilpin 1/28/2019
Reynaldo Santos Septic Service LLC Northglenn, CO 720-730-0154 Tri-Co. 1/11/2019
Santos Reynaldo Septic Service LLC Northglenn, CO 720-730-0154 Tri-Co. 1/11/2019
Jimenez Efrain Septic Services LLC Northglenn, CO 720-730-0154 Tri-Co. 1/11/2019
Baratta Shane Set In Stone Excavating LLC Black Hawk, CO 303-956-7954 Gilpin 3/19/2019
Kistner Daryl Sewer Scope LLC Lakewood, CO 303-750-0336 Elbert 7/30/2019
Shoup Jud Shoup Land Development Gypsum, CO 970-376-3704 Eagle 6/11/2019
Tatro Bill Snowbridge Inc. Breckenridge, CO 800-426-6827 CDPHE 9/12/2018
Stenson Bill Stenson Excavation, Inc Edwards 970-904-1661 Eagle 7/24/2019
Pack Martin STM Excavation Salida, Co 719-207-1926 n/a Chaffee 8/5/2019
McCarty Daniel Stonefly Earthworks LLC Montrose/CO 970-275-1541 Gunnison 8/14/2019
Ulrich Lance Sunshine Home Builder Buena Vista CO 240-475-9644 Chaffee 5/10/2019
Ackerman George T&G Enterprises Inc., D.B.A. Ackerman’s Exc. Lyons, CO 303.747.2548 n/a Gilpin 1/29/2019
Boston Tom TCB Excavation Fairplay, CO 970-333-0372 Park 1/24/2019
Reynolds Sean The Reynolds Corporation Avon, CO 970-904-5226 Eagle 5/8/2019
Friedrich Mike Treeline Services Breckenridge CO 970-485-3836 Chaffee 5/29/2019
Young Matt Uncommon Angles, Inc. Buena Vista, CO 719-395-6777 Chaffee 5/1/2019
Mowry Kevin Unlimited Sanitary Buena Vista CO 719-395-2701 Chaffee 6/21/2019
Chadwick Craig Upper Basin Excating Avon, CO 970-949-5152 Eagle 4/9/2019
Drummond Mark Walters Company Glenwood Springs, CO 970-945-2851 Eagle 1/4/2019
Walters Ed Walters Company Glenwood Springs, CO 970-945-2851 Eagle 1/4/2019
Howlett Steven R. Western Eagle Enterprises, Inc. Golden, CO 303-726-6100 Gilpin 1/28/2019
Orloff Steven Western Eagle Enterprises, Inc. Golden, CO 303-726-6100 Gilpin 1/28/2019
Axel J. Todd Westward Enterprises Olathe, CO 970-209-5322 Gunnison 8/3/2018
Lopez Daniel White Peak Home Solutions Eagle, CO. 970-376-0893 Eagle 4/10/2019
White Fred White's Excavation of Colorado, Inc. Westcliffe, CO 719-338-2928 Pueblo 10/4/2019
Wallen Richard Y&K Excavating Salida, CO 719-221-6465 Chaffee 4/17/2019
Kaess Donald Y&K Excavation Salida, CO 719-539-4108 Chaffee 6/12/2019
Zamora Joseph Zamora Excavating Carbondale, CO 970-963-1399 Eagle 1/25/2019
Zerfas Larry (LJ) Zerfas, LLC Pueblo, CO 719-859-4780 Pueblo 8/5/2019

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