This document in no way provides an endorsement of the individuals found on this list. It only defines that they have met the minimum requirements of a passing score of 75% on the Part A Installer Exam.

Last Name First Name Company Town/City where company is located Phone Email Testing Agency Date Tested
Ackerman George T&G Enterprises Inc., D.B.A. Ackerman’s Exc. Lyons, Colorado 303.747.2548 n/a Gilpin County 1/29/2019
Axel J. Todd Westward Enterprises Olathe, CO 970-209-5322 Gunnison Co. 8/3/2018
Boston Tom TCB Excavation Fairplay, CO 970-333-0372 Park 1/24/2019
Broadwell Bob Colorado Septic Nederland, Colorado 720.514.9703 Gilpin County 1/31/2019
Cavanaugh Tim Cavanaugh Exc. And Trucking Golden, Colorado 303-588-1080 Gilpin County 1/31/2019
Church Travis Backhoe Services Bennett Inc Bennett, CO 303-644-4130 Tri-Co. 1/31/2019
Clark Paul Redi Services LLC Platteville, CO 307-760-5948 Weld County 3/7/2019
Clyncke Joe JC Services LTD LaSalle, CO 970-381-4606 Weld County 2/22/2019
Cordova William Marv's Consruction Buena Vista, CO 719-221-0223 Chaffee 1/4/2019
Dunsdon Travor Altitude Septic Eagle, CO 970-471-6292 Eagle 1/16/2019
Dykes Coby JJJ Services Salida, CO 719-207-1254 Chaffee 10/17/2018
Farmer Jesse High Altitude Backhoe Services Ward, Colorado 303.459.0478 Gilpin County 1/29/2019
Foster Justin Foster Dirt and Construction Bellvue, Colorado 970-567-3361 Gilpin County 1/31/2019
Freymuth Florian n/a Boulder, Colorado 720.480.2175 n/a Gilpin County 1/2/2019
Grapes Bob Grapes and Sons Exc., LLC Black Hawk, Colorado 303-582-1131 Gilpin County 1/25/2019
Guy Marty n/a Montrose, CO 970-417-2508 Gunnison Co. 7/31/2018
Hamilton Erik ITS, Inc. Arvada, Colorado 303.618.6566 Gilpin County 1/18/2019
Hardt Chris Hardt's Backhoe Rollinsville, Colorado 303.589.9354 Gilpin County 1/18/2019
Harman David Dave's Enterprises INC Buena Vista, CO 970-409-9109 Chaffee 1/24/2019
Holguin Ismeal Holdguin Construction Inc Commerce City, CO 303-591-9239 Tri-Co. 1/25/2019
Holland Shane H&S Pine, Colorado 303.549.5453 Gilpin County 1/18/2019
Hopwood Randy n/a Byers, CO 303-888-5030 Tri-County 2/20/2019
Howlett Mike Bugling  Bull Excavating Buena Vista, CO 719-207-1205 Chaffee 1/30/2019
Howlett Steven R. Western Eagle Enterprises, Inc. Golden, Colorado 303-726-6100 Gilpin County 1/28/2019
Hutcheson Scott Maverick Excavating, LLC Hartsel, CO 719-207-6809 Chaffee 2/8/2019
Jimenez Efrain Septic Services LLC Northglenn, CO 720-730-0154 n/a Tri-Co. 1/11/2019
Jimenez Efrain Septic Services LLC Northglenn, CO 720-730-0154 Tri-Co. 1/11/2019
Johnson Breck Sacred Ground Excavation New Castle 970-618-2489 Eagle 1/22/2019
Juarez Victor Foothills Septic Pumping Golden, Colorado 303.670.3160 Gilpin County 2/1/2019
Kaia Micah (Mana) Big Dog Excavation Kersey, CO 970-576-9961 Larimer County 2/7/2019
Korinek John Korinek Konstruction Ramah, CO 303-817-1607 Otero 1/28/2019
Kulp Jason Columbia Sanitary Service Golden, Colorado 303-526-5370 Gilpin County 1/29/2019
Lancaster Mark Lion Home Service Fort Collins, CO 970-556-0544 Weld County 1/4/2019
Lujan Jr. Saul Lujan Design and Construction Brighton, CO 720-935-7061 Tri-Co. 1/31/2019
Macarenas Richard Richard Macarenas Buena Vista, CO 719-293-1750 Chaffee 2/4/2019
Maez Orrin Maez Excavation, Inc. Buena Vista, CO 719-207-0636 Chaffee 2/8/2019
Meyers Jeramy Meyers Services Black Hawk, Colorado 720-431-8730 Gilpin County 2/27/2019
Morgan David Morgan Excavating Buena Vista, CO 719-207-1267 Chaffee 12/28/2018
Morgan Matthew Commonwealth Services LLC Boulder, Colorado 303.243.2298 Gilpin County 2/22/2019
Murillo Edgard E & L Trucking Silt, CO 970-309-3057 Eagle 1/28/2019
Nachtrieb Chris M&N Excavating LLC Salida, CO 719-530-1067 Chaffee 1/8/2019
Nemeth Peter AP Contracting LLC Strasburg, CO 720-935-1428 Tri-County 2/22/2019
Nemeth Gabor AP Contracting LLC Strasburg, CO 720-933-6773 Tri-County 2/22/2019
Norris H. Charles H. Charles Norris Thorton, CO 303-909-3680 Chaffee 1/14/2019
Parker William n/a Gunnison, CO 970-641-8758 Gunnison Co. 2/15/2019
Ramos Dean Colorado Septic Solutions, LLC Longmont, CO 720-346-2510 Chaffee 1/25/2019
Ramsetter Richard Richard M. Ramstetter Excavating Golden, Colorado 303.277.0286 Gilpin County 1/18/2019
Replogle Eric n/a Gunnison, CO 970-209-1864 Gunnison 2/13/2019
Reynaldo Santos Septic Service LLC Northglenn, CO 720-730-0154 Adams County 1/11/2019
Rovnak Kyle Haystack Custom Ag. & Septic Service, LLC Longmont, CO 303-827-4988 Weld County 1/3/2019
Santos Reynaldo Septic Service LLC Northglenn, CO 720-730-0154 Tri-Co. 1/11/2019
Schadegg Richard n/a Aurora, CO 303-325-6463 Tri-County 2/11/2019
Seamus Brady Doone Brothers Sewer and Septic Services Arvada, CO 303-885-8981 Tri-Co. 1/3/2019
Search Scott Search Septic Bailey, Colorado 303.838.5115 Gilpin County 1/28/2019
Seavers Jesse High Performance Homes Nederland, Colorado 720.514.9817 Gilpin County 1/29/2019
Smith Scott Eagle Dirt Work LLC Golden, Colorado 303.642.0154 Gilpin County 1/18/2019
Soluri Steven Plumbing Systems Inc Edwards, CO 970-926-0500 Eagle 1/14/2019
Steffek Steve ACME Septic, Inc. Boulder, Colorado 303.459.1106 Gilpin County 1/28/2019
Sterling Larry Larry Sterling Excavating, Inc. Black Hawk, Colorado 303.582.5794 Gilpin County 1/18/2019
Tarpill Matt Mountain Contracting Nederland, Colorado 303.888.3580 Tri-Co. 1/23/2018
Tatro Bill Snowbridge Inc. Breckenridge, CO 800-426-6827 CDPHE 9/12/2018
Terranova Titus AAARK Heating & A/C Inc Denver, CO 303-431-8015 Tri-Co. 1/23/2019
Tidwell Jerry Evergreen Septic Pumping Company Evergreen, CO 303-674-7144 Gilpin County 2/4/2019
Van Loan Bret Dirt Dawg Excavating Breckenridge, CO 970-418-0113 Chaffee 10/16/2018
Winfrey Steven R. S & S Enterprises Loveland, CO 970-342-3041 Weld County 2/5/2019


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