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OWTS Regulation Status Update from the Water Quality Control Division:

  • Regulation 43 went into effect on June 30, 2013
  • Local Public Health Agencies are to adopt their own local OWTS regulations that are at     least as stringent as Regulation 43
  • As of July 14, 2014, 54 of the 59 agencies have submitted their regulations     to the Division for review. This leaves only four counties that have not yet officially               submitted, but they are in the process.
  • Forty-nine agencies have conducted their public hearing and have adopted their local        OWTS Regulations. After adoption, there is a 45-day waiting period before the                  regulations become effective.
  • Twelve counties have chosen to implement a Transfer of Title OWTS inspection                 program.
  • Fourteen counties have chosen to require that effluent filters be installed on all new            septic tank installations.

Once all of the local regulations have been accepted by the Division and adopted by the local board of health, a list of all of the “opt-in” and “opt-out”  choices made by each county will be posted on the Division’s website so as to provide a one-stop source of this information for practitioners state-wide.

Be sure to become familiar with the specific regulations within the county or counties that you conduct business. While many items are similar, there are also some significant changes from the old ISDS guidelines compared to the new OWTS regulations.

Chuck Cousino, REHS

On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems Coordinator


Waste Grease Regulation - ATTENTION PUMPERS

In 2011 House Bill 10-1125 was passed which granted CDPHE the authority to regulate “certain activities with respect to waste grease derived from food preparation…”

There was a “Stakeholders” process conducted in 2011 prior to acceptance of this law. While CDPHE felt they had contacted all the affected parties; to our knowledge NO SEPTIC (BROWN GREASE) PUMPERS WERE CONTACTED PRIOR TO OR INVITED TO THE STAKEHOLDER MEETINGS. Septic (brown grease) pumpers were contacted after the fact and told that they were now required to comply with the law.

The law defines “waste grease” as both the yellow and grease trap (brown grease) waste.

It establishes that any transportation of more than 55 gallons of waste grease or the storage of more than 165 gallons of waste grease will be regulated by this law.

The Law requires that a company hauling or holding grease (facility) to register with the state.

The company hauling grease must purchase a $10,000 Financial Assurance Bond - $800 – paid annually.

Each truck hauling grease must pay a registration fee of $570 – paid annually.

Decals must be purchase for the vehicles - $25/set of 5.

If a company is designated as a Waste Grease Facility they must pay $1,140 annually.

Personal Users of Waste Grease other than for Biofuel pay an annual fee of $96.

The yellow grease haulers hired an attorney and have been exempted from the law as of 04/06/12. Leaving only the septic pumpers who had no say in the initial process to carry the burden of the law.

The law, its fees, the required paperwork and penalties are an undue burden onto those companies that comply with the law.

There are currently 60 companies that have registered to either transport or are a registered facility with the state. Of the 60 companies, 14 of them are known to be primarily septic pumping services.

CPOW is on a fact finding mission. We would like to know how many of our members have been impacted negatively or positively by the implementation of this law.

As the state trade organization for the wastewater industry we feel that if our members are being negatively impacted by this law CPOW should take the lead on helping get the law rescinded or at the very least changed to be more equitable to those that haul grease trap waste.

Things CPOW needs to know:

1. How many companies have re-registered since Yellow Grease haulers are no longer obligated to comply?
2. What are the total annual fees companies are having to pay to haul waste grease?
3. How many of the registered companies are hauling yellow grease only, brown grease only, or both.
4. Who all are required to fill out manifest?
a. Pumpers, restaurants, establishments, receiving facilities?
5. Are other companies that are not registered with the state collecting grease – probably not going to get anyone to admit this?
6. What is the impact on the rural communities?
a. Are the local pumpers complying with the law or are the restaurants having to find a company farther away to pump and dispose of their waste grease?

CPOW is developing a questionnaire that we will send out to our members and others in the industry to try to collect the necessary data to determine if there is a need and/or desire by the industry to address this issue.

If you feel that you have something to contribute, please feel free to contact the Maintenance Representative on the CPOW Board – Brad Beirle 970-539-8372 – bradbeierle@yahoo.com or CPOW@cpow.net. Please note that any information will be kept confidential.

OWTS Industry Leader Award

This award is given each year to a CPOW member in recognition of their contributions to the Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Industry in the state of Colorado.

To be eligible for the award, a nominee must:

  • Be a member in good standing of the Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater.
  • Have performed duties in the field of OWTS so as to promote, and elevate, the professionalism of the industry.
  • Have demonstrated leadership, excellence, and dedication to the OWTS industry.

Nominations for the award must include:

  • A detailed letter from the person making the nomination, including a description of facts    about the nominee such as:
  • Record of applicable employment history and scope of responsibilities.
  • Formal education, special training, and experience.
  • Organizational affiliations, including CPOW, detailing office, committees, and                    contributions.
  • Contributions to the professionalism of the OWTS Industry.

Selection of the award winner is to be made by the CPOW Board of Directors.

The award is to be given at the CPOW/NOWRA Conference.

Deadline for nominations is August 31st.

You can email nominations to cpow@cpow.net or mail nominations to P.O. Box 918, Strasburg, CO 80136

NOWRA/CPOW 2014 Annual Education Conference

Strengthening the Industry's Voice

NOWRA /CPOW Annual Conference
November 9-12
Westin Westminster
Westminster, CO

Plan to join colleagues from across the country at NOWRA’s 23rd Annual Technical & Education Conference, the leading conference for onsite wastewater professionals.

Regardless of which segment of the onsite industry is your focus, this conference can help you identify opportunities and ideas which lead to greater success for you and the organization you represent.

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Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Remember to register online.

Soil Training - August 14-15, 2014, Delta, CO. Register here.

NAWT Inspector Training, Ocotober 11-12, 2014, Lakewood CO

Soil Training - October 16-17, 2014, Pueblo West, CO. Register here

NOWRA/CPOW Conference, November 8-13, 2014, Denver, CO.  We are excited to announce that CPOW will be teaming with NOWRA for a joint conference in 2014 that will take the place of the 2015 CPOW Annual Education Conference.

Colorado Environmental Health Association (CEHA) Annual Education Conference, September 24-26, 2014, Steamboat Springs, CO.