2017 CPOW Annual Education Conference

January 19-20, 2017

Sheraton Denver West

360 Union Blvd Lakewood, CO 80228


We are excited to present Dr. Sara Heger from the University of Minnesota as our Keynote speaker. Mr. Jim vonMeier, an Environmental Specialist also from the University of Minnesota, will be offering a wealth of knowledge. We are fortunate to also welcome back Dr. Bob Siegrist from the Colorado School of Mines. 

Conference topics will include:

• Groundwater modeling, recharge and case studies tract

• Gray water reuse information

• OWTS Engineering case studies

• An update on the Regulation 43 revision

• The impact of Regulation 43 on rural counties

• Panel discussion on working together to improve our industry

• EPA 503 Regulation

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2017 CPOW Board of Directors Openings

Are you interested in joining the Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater board of directors? Do you know someone who would be a good addition to the CPOW board? Nominations (including self nominations) are due by December 1, 2016. Voting will be held via email December 5-9, 2016.

Board Openings

• President Elect
• Secretary
• Maintenance Sector Representative

CPOW Guidelines for the Design and Installation of Non-Pressurized Drip Dispersal Systems (NDDS)

Revision: September 2016

Click here for the latest revision of the document.

The NDDS system is recognized as a type of an Evapotranspiration/Absorption system and is therefore accepted as a proper means of effluent dispersal as long as the CPOW design document is followed. Further note that the September 2016 CPOW NDDS document will be referenced in the proposed revisions to Regulation 43 as a type of an Evapotranspiration/Absorption system. Therefore, all future designs which propose an NDDS as a means of effluent dispersal must be designed in accordance with this updated document.

You can find other helpful professional resources on the cpow website here.

CPOW Educational Schedule

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Remember to register online.

NAWT Inspector Class, November 17-18, 2016, Lakewood, CO

2017 CPOW Annual Education Conference, Lakewood, CO, January 19-20, 2017

NAWT O&M 1 Class, Lakewood, CO, January 12-13, 2017

NAWT O&M 2 Class, Lakewood, CO,February 9-10, 2017 

NAWT Installer Class, Boulder, CO, March 17, 2016

NAWT OWTS Design Class, Eagle, CO, March 21-22, 2017

Colorado Soils Class, Castle Rock, CO, May 18-19, 2017

NAWT Inspector Class,Greenwood Village, CO, November 17-18, 2017

Additional Courses may be offered if there is demand shown.

Please contact cpow@cpow.net if you are interested in additional classes.