CPOW 2016 Annual Education Conference

The CPOW Annual Education conference will be held January 21 & 22, 2016. NAWT continuing education hours can be obtained by attending the conference. There will be exhibitors presenting onsite wastewater treatment system products. Registration is available online now or you can email cpow@cpow.net. Conference registration is still open with no cost increase for late registration.

Past President's Farewell Address & Presentation of Scholarships - Simon Farrell
Incoming President's Address: Goals for 2016 - Warren Brown
Regulation 43 Update - CDPHE - Chuck Cousino
CPOW Educational Opportunities & Website Benefits- Kim Seipp
From Outhouse to Reuse, The Florida Onsite Wastewater Research Experience - Damann Anderson, P.E.
Dave Gustafson - Minnesota Licensing
Educational Tracks
Basic Electrical Theory - Mark McCollum
Connecting Soils to Design – Warren Brown
Passive Nitrogen Reduction System PNRS - Damann Anderson, P.E.
Control Panel Troubleshooting - Mark McCollum
Using Soils Information & Reg 43 to Design OWTS - Jennifer Migliorato
Acceptance of Precast Concrete Septic Tanks for Use in OWTS in CO - Doug Jatko
Best Installation Practices - Mark McCollum
System Loading: Organic and Hydraulic - Simon Farrell
Installing OWTS to Facilitate O&M - Scott Kellogg
Controls Workshop Implementation of Underground Injection Control Program Regulations for Class V Shallow Disposal Systems - Wendy Cheung
OWTS Operation and Maintenance – Tim Petz & Erik Hamilton
Happy Hour at The Sheraton Denver West

Dave Gustafson - NAWT Education
Lobbying, Locating and Learning – A NOWRA Update - Eric Casey, Executive Director, NOWRA
Design & Performance of Porous Media Biofilters Used in Decentralized Wastewater Systems - Dr. Bob Siegrist
Soil Treatment Areas Workshop – Multiple Component Tract
Sewage Tanks and Effluent Screens - Roger Shafer
Float Functions w/ Various Panels - Mike Scrivner
Pump Choices and Settings - Kate Carney
OWT and Tailored Urban Water Reuse Using an MBR- Jason Coontz
Flow Equalization - Roger Shafer
‘Human Nature’ The O&M Dilemma- Jerry Lewinson
CPOW Board Meeting

Conference Attendees

CPOW is requesting that if you are a practitioner that routinely conducts business with sand/gravel pits in your area that you inquire if they could provide you a gradation of their C33 sand media (ie: concrete sand). This is the material that would typicllay be used as filter media for an onsite wastewater treatment system "rip and replace", sand filter, or mound system. CDPHE is attempting to gather as many of these gradations to utilize in the decision making process for revisions to Regulation 43. CPOW will provide CDPHE with the gradations brought to the conference. You can also email electronic copies of gradations to Chuck Cousino at chuck.cousino@state.co.us.

CPOW Silent Auction

CPOW will be awarding two scholarships again this year. This is the first year CPOW will be hosting a silent auction to raise money for next year's scholarship. The silent auction will be held Thursday January 21st during the conference and will conclude during the happy hour.

CPOW Educational Schedule

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Remember to register online.

CPOW Annual Education Conference, January 21-22, 2016, Lakewood, CO

NAWT O&M Training 1, January 14-15, 2016, Lakewood, CO

NAWT O&M Training 2, February 25-26, 2016, Lakewood, CO

NAWT Installer ClassMarch 11, 2016, Boulder, CO

NAWT Design Class, March 17-18, 2016, Boulder, CO

Colorado Soils Class, May 19-20, 2016, Golden, CO

NAWT Inspector Class, November 17-18, 2016, Location TBD 

Additional Colorado Soils Classes may be offered if there is demand shown.

Please contact cpow@cpow.net if you are interested in additional classes.