Regulation 43 Revision Stakeholder Process 

Just a quick OWTS note to let you know that the CDPHE OWTS web page has been updated. These updates include:
- An updated septic tank acceptance list along with the accompanying acceptance letters.
- The two clarification documents that I provided in last months e-blast:
1) Clarification relative to the required setback from an OWTS to a well or cistern, and,
2) A revised “Vertical Separation and Media Depth Chart” along with the explanation sheet. 

Here is the link to the CDPHE OWTS web page:

Also for those of you that may not be aware, we are very close to initiating the stakeholder process to implement the first revision to Regulation 43. The scope of this revision is narrow and will mostly focus on further defining items that may appear to be in conflict and providing additional clarification for sections that may not provide a clear direction. However, there are a few items that will require a larger scale modification. These items will be clearly identified during the initial meetings. Again, for the most part, these will be slight “tweaks” to the existing regulation. The intent, as directed by the Water Quality Control Commission, will be to continue the focus on wastewater “treatment” over disposal and to stay the course to bring the Colorado OWTS regulations in line with accepted industry standards. Stay tuned to e-blasts in the next couple of months for additional information on the process and timing of the revision to Regulation 43.

Feel free to contact me with any questions

Chuck Cousino, REHS
OWTS Coordinator 

Experimental OWTS Installed in Weld County

Alles Taylor Duke Surveying and Engineering is one of the companies to participate in the ADVANCED ENVIRO-SEPTIC (aka: AES) Wastewater Treatment System project in Weld County, Colorado. The AES engineered Wastewater Treatment System is distinctively designed for small residential lots and under pavement conditions. Although, the AES System is scalable for any project. The main featured element of this system is the Enviro-Septic Pipe manufactured by Presby Environmental, Inc. This specially designed pipe provides secondary treatment of the septic tank effluent in a passive manner before the effluent is dispersed into the soil. As Presby Environmental is currently working through the regulatory process with the Water Quality Control Division to be approved as a higher treatment technology in Colorado, this specific installation was allowed in Weld County through a local variance as an “experimental system”. The function of this system will be monitored by the county and the design engineer.

The system was installed by Steve Dickinson of 2D Enterprises, LLC. out of Ft. Lupton.

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CPOW 2016 Annual Education Conference Call for Abstracts

The CPOW 2016 Annual education conference will be held January 21-22, 2015.

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