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Regulation 43 Update - Chuck Cousino

Installation Keys for Long Term System Performance - Cold Weather Focus - Dr. Sara Heger

Indian Hills Study - Roy Laws

Professionalism - Representing the Onsite Industry - Jim vonMeier

Graywater - Melanie Criswell

Douglas County Nitrate Study - Warren Brown

Contractor Construction Management - Scott Kellogg

DOT Rules and Regulations

Land Use Planning - Sheila Lynch & Warren Brown

2000 gpd Design Case Studies - Roger Shafer

Case Studies of High Strength Wastewater - Dr. Sara Heger

Groundwater Recharge - Jim vonMeier

An Overview of Decentralized System Nutrient Removal Issues and Options - Dr. Bob Siegrist

Products that Challenge the Performance of Onsite Systems: Impacts and Alternatives - Dr. Sara Heger

Design Case Study Four Mile Canyon - Annette Popish

Design Case Study Lykins Gulch HOA - Ella Anguiano

Retrofit & Upgrade to Existing OWTS - Paul Rutledge

Running a Comprehensive OWTS Program - Erin Dodge

Permitting OWTS Designed with Pressure Distribution - Mitchell Brown and Kate Carney

Landscaping OWTS Soil Treatment Areas - Dr. Sara Heger



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