Lobbying, Locating & Learning - NOWRA Update - Eric Casey

Regulation 43 Update - Chuck Cousino

Outhouse to Reuse - Damann Anderson, PE

Licensing of Professionals - Dave Gustafson, PE

Basic Electrical Theory & Control Panel Troubleshooting - Mark McCollum

Best Installation Practices - Mark McCollum

Using Reg 43 to Design OWTS - Jennifer Migliorato

Implementation of EPA Underground Injection Control Program - Wendy Cheung

Passive Nitrogen Reduction System - Damann Anderson, PE

Acceptance of Precast Concrete Septic Tanks in CO - Doug Jatcko

Installing OWTS to Facilitate O&M - Scott Kellogg

OWTS Operation & Maintenance - Tim Petz & Erik Hamilton

NAWT Education - Dave Gustafson, PE

Design & Performance of Porous Media Biofilters - Dr. Bob Sierist, PhD, PE, BCEE

Float Functions with Various Control Panels - Mike Scrivner

OWT & Tailored Urban Water Reuse - Jason Coontz

Human Nature - The O&M Dilemma - Jerry Lewinson

Non-pressurized Drip Dispersal System Installation Video






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