CPOW Privacy Policy

Sensitive Personal Information

CPOW will implement security measures to protect and safeguard sensitive personal information from illegal access, leaks, destruction, loss, and alteration.  Sensitive personal information includes an individual’s first name or initial and last name in combination with any of the following items if the name and items are not encrypted:

  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license number or government-issued number
  • Account number or credit or debit card number


Credit Card Account Information

CPOW does not disclose credit card account information provided by its members or non-members.  When individuals choose to make a payment using their credit cards, CPOW will only submit the information needed to obtain payment to the appropriate company.


Destruction of Personal Information

When retention of sensitive personal information is no longer required by CPOW, it will be shredded, erased, or modified so that the data is unreadable or undecipherable.  Any breach of the security system safeguarding computerized data by an unauthorized person, will be reported in writing to the owners of the sensitive personal information.


Sharing of Members List and Mailing List


  • CPOW members’ information will be shared with the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) as CPOW is a state affiliate of this organization.
  • CPOW will share information with the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT) for any person attending a NAWT training course.
  • Exhibitors at the conference will receive both the member list and the mailing list of event attendees.
  • CPOW members list and mailing list may not be shared, loaned or given to non-members of CPOW without the express permission of the Board.
  • If mailing list or members list sharing or exchange is approved with other organizations, CPOW will implement appropriate guidelines and devise an agreement form to be signed by the organization requesting the list(s).
  • A certified individual’s contact information, as provided, will be included on the NOWRA Septic Locator Web Registry unless so indicated otherwise.

 Method of sharing

  • Mailing list or members list sharing or exchange with outside organizations (except NAWT & NOWRA) must be granted approval by the board and an agreement document signed before a list can be provided.
  • Agreements will stipulate the appropriate use of member information and that the provided information is not for resale.


Information Disclosure

Some grant programs may require disclosure of CPOW information for purposes of monitoring and auditing the program.  Members and non-member individuals who have participated in training sessions for certification purposes will be made aware of this request by the funding agency and will be sent a consent or disclosure of information form to sign and return to the CPOW office.


Website Privacy Policy

If or when necessary, CPOW will add a privacy policy to its website to provide an accurate assessment of what information is collected, how it is collected, and how that information is used.


Members Only Access

To gain access to members-only resources and certification information features on the CPOW website, members and other users are asked to register and provide some limited additional information. Registration access may consist of creating a user ID and a password.  Any additional information is submitted voluntarily. Users will be asked to provide their name, organization name, business phone, mailing address and e-mail. Similar information may be submitted to CPOW through membership applications, conferences, seminars, or training program registrations.


Official Information Protection and Use Policy

The Association will respect Federal and State regulations pertaining to intellectual property in its efforts to disseminate information to all those involved in the wastewater industry as well as the public.  No one will knowingly share, copy, reproduce, transmit, divulge, alter, or disclose copyright protected informational materials without the proper authorization.



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